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updated: 2017-06-23

Recent letters to City Councillors ...

updated: 2017-06-23

Are Hamilton City Councillors ready to spend taxpayer dollars to push through the Public Laneway closure when this matter goes to court?

If the City of Hamilton votes to close the Public Laneway, they will need to ask for a court order, using Section 88.(1)(c) of the Land Registry Act, to "close a public highway".

That same legislation gives any person who is affected by the decision (and there are now more than 650 of us!) a right to appeal that order to Divisional Court, under Section 88.(2)

updated: 2017-06-23

Boom! Please read Andrew Dreschel's commentary in the Hamilton Spectator

updated: 2017-06-19

Recent media coverage from CHCH TV.

When he spoke to the Public Works Committee, Len Medeiros said the reason he wants to privatize the Public Laneway is so that he doesn't need to "pick up dog shit".

Sounds like as good a reason as any to override the wishes of 650+ Dundas residents and justify a drastic change to the character of the neighbourhood and permanent destruction of 160 years of Dundas heritage. ... "Dog shit", indeed.

updated: 2017-06-15

In late-July / early-August 2016, the City of Hamilton conducted a public consultation asking Dundas residents whether they supported or opposed the application to close the Public Laneway permanently, and sell it for $2.

In response to this formal solicitation for feedback, at least 209 residents took pen in hand, checked the box "OPPOSED", and signed their names. Some even added handwritten notes explaining their reasons for opposing.

These signed forms were hand-delivered to the Public Works Dept on August 4, 2016. (See links to photograph and PDF copy of all the signatures.)

Astonishingly, the recently released Public Works staff report makes no mention of these 209 responses.

Instead, the report refers to our even larger list of 650+ people opposed, but then dismisses this widespread opposition, saying "staff did not verify or validate the content". In other words, the Public Works Dept suggests your signatures and carefully considered opposition are "fake", and should be disregarded.

Please skim through the signature pages to judge for yourself whether these are "fake". Shame on you Marilyn Preston & Councillor Arlene Vanderbeek

updated: 2017-06-14

The Public Laneway Initiative is releasing an online, interactive Google Map showing the location of more than 650 local residents who are strongly opposed to the proposed closure and sale of the Public Laneway.

—   Interactive Road Maps: Neighbours OPPOSED to closure of Public Laneway

—   Interactive Satellite Maps: Neighbours OPPOSED to closure of Public Laneway

updated: 2017-06-14

The Public Works Dept has released a staff report recommending the Pubic Laneway be permanently closed, privatized, and sold.

updated: 2017-03-18

On February 28, the Public Works dept installed signs at both ends of the Public Laneway, telling people not to use it.

Bob James and David Jones have both written letters to the Director asking for answers about what is going on.

updated: 2017-02-03

The Dundas Star News has been reprimanded for journalistic misconduct.

The National NewsMedia Council has concluded a Dundas Star New headline about the Public Laneway "was misleading and a breach of journalistic standards".

updated: 2016-11-15

There is a public meeting of the Dundas Community Council, (Tuesday, Nov 15) in Council Chambers of Dundas Town Hall.

All are welcome and invited to attend.

Please consider attending to show your support for the Public Laneway.

If you have a smart phone, please take some pictures of the event and send them to to help document what happens.

This is your chance to demand answers from Councillor Arlene Vanderbeek.

Please mention this important meeting to your friends & neighbours who may not check their email frequently, or who may not see this announcement.

What:    Public Meeting of Dundas Community Council
Where:   Dundas Town Hall, Council Chambers
Date:    Tue Nov 15 (TODAY)
Time:    starts 7:00pm (may go until 9:00pm)
Who:     All Welcome!
Why:     Voice your concerns about saving the Public Laneway

updated: 2016-10-19

Please watch the recent TV interview about the Public Laneway controversy in Dundas.

Dr. Bob James appeared on City Matters with Darrin Laidman on Cable14, on Wednesday, October 19, at 12:30pm.

The interview lasts 12 minutes.

updated: 2016-10-17

Please check out 2 recent Posters created by Graham Crawford

updated: 2016-10-15

We had gorgeous fall weather for our Neighbourhood Walk!

Please take a look at some photos of the event.

updated: 2016-10-14

Please join us in a Neighbourhood Walk, Saturday, October 15, starting at 1:30pm in the Dundas Driving Park.

Neighbourhood Walk - Poster (simple poster, PDF)
Neighbourhood Walk - Route
Neighbourhood Walk - Poster (nicer poster, PDF)
Neighbourhood Walk - Poster (nicer poster, JPG)

updated: 2016-10-12

Please listen to the recent radio interview about the Public Laneway controversy in Dundas.

Dr. Bob James appeared on the Bill Kelly Show on AM 900 CHML, on Wednesday, October 12, at 10:30am.

The interview lasts 20 minutes, and starts after a short musical intro.

updated: 2016-10-11

Please read the recent letter from Councillor Arlene Vanderbeek (PDF), ... and our response. (PDF)

If you would like to follow up, please address your email to Arlene and

updated: 2016-09-27

updated: 2016-09-26

As of Monday, September 26, 2016, The City of Hamilton's Public Works Department is still actively considering selling the Public Laneway for $2 and closing it permanently.

We are collecting names of friends & neighbours who are opposed.

We currently have 375 people on the list, but apparently that is not enough to get the attention of City Hall, so we are actively recruiting more people.

Please send join us by sending email to:

For more frequent updates, please follow PublicLaneway on social media:

Twitter: @PublicLaneway ( )



Since 1857, there has been a public laneway connecting Alma Street & Victoria Street, near Sydenham Street in Dundas, Ontario.

It has been widely used by the residents of Dundas up to this day.

It is an important part of the Cross-Melville Heritage District that many neighbours feel is worth preserving.

If you are opposed to the privatization of this historic laneway by selling it for $2 and closing it permanently, ... and if you would like to help protect the character of our neighbourhood by keeping this this laneway open to the public, as it has been for more than 160 years, ... please get in touch.