Public Laneway

Neighbourhood Walk, Dundas, Ontario

Saturday, October 15, 1:30pm to 4:00pm

from: Dundas Driving Park (Cross St / Alma St)
to: Lagershed (65 Hatt St)

The City of Hamilton's Neighbourhood Engagement Grants provide one-time matching funds to support neighbourhood and place-based grassroots initiatives across all neighbourhoods in the City. This program (a) actively involves the community and builds neighbourhood connections; (b) supports neighbourhood groups and/or place-based grassroots initiatives to change neighbourhood spaces, build community, and build capacity; and (c) leverages the City's financial support with 100% matching community contributions from volunteer labour, donated materials, donated professional services, and cash.

We counted at least 85 adult participants, plus children & dogs, and in addition to simply walking, several people in this diverse crowd were assisted by bikes, strollers, canes, a wagon, and a wheelchair.

1. today's Neighbourhood Walk began with folks gathering in Dundas Driving Park
2. Jessie & Verna sit with Jordan as friends gather for Neighbourhood Walk
3. Ken, Cindy & dog Dexter arrive (left) as Harry explains issues (center) in growing crowd
4. Listen up everybody! Chantal organizes crowd for Neighbourhood Walk
5. Neighbourhood Walk snakes through Dundas Driving Park, such a great turnout!
6. This is what Neighbourhood Walk looks like, from kids to seniors, these are people who care about community
A. Neighbourhood Walk, heading out of Dundas Driving Park, towards Cayley St
7. Neighbourhood Walk exits Dundas Driving Park, turns onto Cayley St
8. Neighbourhood Walk, laneway from Cayley to Alma in Dundas, these people care about community
B. Dundasians love their walkable community!
9. Neighbourhood Walk, heads towards Alma, ... laneways provide connectivity & flow in safe walkable community
10. Jessie, Verna and Eileen + kids & wagon exit laneway at Alma, smiles all around
11. Neighbourhood Walk enters now-famous "Public Laneway", from Alma heading towards Victoria, established 1857
12. Neighbourhood Walk, cyclists young & old love Public Laneways #CycleSafe #WalkSafe
13. Neighbourhood Walk, friends & neighbours stroll from Alma into Public Laneway, dappled sunlight, very pleasant walk!
14. Neighbourhood Walk, strollers, wheelchairs, wagons, bicycles, so many modes work in Public Laneways!
15. Neighbourhood Walk, dog-walkers pass thru space where illegal fence stood for 4 months
16. Neighbourhood Walk, dog-walker, cyclist, ... and a police escort!! #WalkSafe
17. Neighbourhood Walk, on way to Victoria, crowd passes house of "applicant" who wants to buy Public Laneway for $2
18. Neighbourhood Walk, Darlene watches crowd exit Public Laneway at Victoria & turn right towards Sydenham
C. Neighbourhood Walk continues down Sydenham, along sidewalk, towards Hatt. Great walk in support of Public Laneway today!
19. Neighbourhood Walk arrives at @lagershed, prominent ladies in Dundas, Jane Lowry & Anne Redish (91) celebrate with a toast to Public Laneway
20. Neighbourhood Walk, ladies strategize, review historical maps of Public Laneway & Green Alley Handbook @lagershed
21. Neighbourhood Walk, @lagershed Harry shares his thoughts over historical maps of Public Laneway from @DundasMuseum
22. Neighbourhood Walk, @lagershed Eileen explains, we need to find way to save Public Laneway #Dundas #Heritage
23. Neighbourhood Walk, kids like historical maps too, save Public Laneway for next generation!
24. these participants in Neighbourhood Walk don't vote, but their parents do, ... help save Public Laneway for next generation
25. Neighbourhood Walk, ... 1st of 25 delicious pizzas from Red Door Cucina @lovethereddoor @lagershed
26. Neighbourhood Walk, delicious pizza served up by @dave_maciulis @lovethereddoor @lagershed
D. Neighbourhood Walk, everyone appreciated the beer samples generously donated by Shawn & Ed Brewing!
Public Laneway Initiative gratefully acknowledges support for the Dundas Neighbourhood Walk from the City of Hamilton through a "Neighbourhood Engagement Grant", plus generous contributions from Red Door Cucina (@lovethereddoor) and Shawn & Ed Brewing (@lagershed)

We also want to thank several volunteers who made this delightful neighbourhood event possible:

To give us our marching orders and keep us moving in the right direction, Chantal Mancini organized our volunteer marshals: Eileen Shannon, Marvin Ross, Jordan Hill, Jane Lowry, Rich Gelder.

Those lovely Historical Maps and Green Alley Handbooks were researched by Eileen Shannon & Sandra Kiemele at the Dundas Museum & Archives, and printed & hand-delivered by Nigel Wrench from The Print Group.

The "Neighbourhood Engagement Grant" application was written and submitted by Bob James & David Jones.

Krys Hines (Shawn & Ed Brewing) & David Maciulis (Red Door Cucina) helped plan the social gathering at the Lagershed.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, either in person or in spirit.